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    If you have information about large scale fraud or other violations of the law committed by your employer, you may be able to receive whistleblower protection and a financial reward for reporting it. 

  • What is a Whistleblower?

    Whistleblowers help stop illegal acts at their job by reporting them.

    If you work for a company or a government agency that is committing fraud or other violations of the law, you have the ability to report it and become a whistleblower. 

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  • Receive a Reward

    Whistleblowers may be entitled to a significant financial reward and legal protection for coming forward with their information.

    Whistleblower laws allow a person to collect between 10 and 30 percent of the money recovered by the government thanks to their information. Recent changes in the law also provide significant legal protection for whistleblowers.

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  • Do you Qualify?

    Find out if you qualify.

    Do you have information about large scale fraud committed at your place of work? Find out if you can become a whistleblower by reporting it and receive a significant financial reward.

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Whistleblower News

Nov. 30 2012

New Law Gives Whistleblower Protection to Government Employees

Today, federal employees exposing fraud and government operations abuse now have more protection thanks to legislation President Obama signed Tuesday. 

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